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Vidmate is an impressive app which has been around for quite some time now. Due to this, it is known to have quite a few old versions. Are you searching for any of the older versions of the app, preferably Vidmate 2011? It is an equally useful application and there are a number of reasons why you may like to make use of this older version. Each of them helps to highlight the useful important features of the application.

The latest version of the app is Vidmate 2019 is quite compatible and can easily be run on a variety of Android phone. However, it may be quite difficult to run the newer version of the application on older android phones. This means, if you are making use of an old Android phone, you may need to download an older version on your phone. This version of the app app is lighter than all the newer versions but it still consists of all the same video downloading quantities which are part of the newer apps. On this app, you can get access to different types of multimedia content such as video and audio. When making use of this app, you get access to your favorite movies, videos and audio content without the use of an internet connection.

There are a lot of movie enthusiasts around the world, but the cost of gaining access to these blockbuster movies can be considered to be quite a lot. By using the Vidmate 2011, you can get access to a variety of multimedia content without having to break the bank or spend huge amounts of money. On this app, you get access to your favorite videos from resources all over the internet. A good number of the videos made available on vidmate are free but it is possible to get some packages which require a premium payment. However, there is a guarantee that 99.9% of the videos made available are free for download. This means that android users get access to thousands of videos which are free for download.

Basically, it offers access to a collection of multimedia content. But the greatest feature of the vidmate 2011 app is the ability to display videos to its users without an internet connection. All you have to do is to download and install this version of this app and you get to enjoy these impressive features. Take note that for you to access the videos and movies through this app, you would need to initially download it and save it locally on your phone. To view the videos, you do not require an internet connection but one is necessary to help you download such content from the internet.

The real benefit of this video downloading tool is the unlimited access which it provides to its users. Vidmate 2011 and other versions of the app allow users to have access to the widest library of multimedia content. This app searches for content, find it and then allows users to download their preferred movies and videos. Also, if the video is not on the app, it has access to over 2000 websites and you will surely get your preferred video.

Vidmate 2011 is designed to download movies and videos which are found on streaming apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Twitter and a number of other websites which are aware and unaware of. Without the use of this tool, users would need to navigate through each streaming website in search of their favorite videos. Chances are that there a probably so many videos that you are unable to get your choice or probably, it’s not among the recent posts on the website. This has not even taken into account the cost of streaming and watching videos online without being able to access them locally on your phone for later use.

Vidmate 2011, despite its relatively old design and features, takes care of these problems. This app version has an in-built search engine to search for high-quality videos online and on other websites. All you have to do is to enter the term which you are searching for and you will be provided with a long list of options to download the video from. In some cases, certain videos allow users access to about 20+ options of download. All of the videos available for download are also made available at different quality formats. Depending on the device and choice of the user, you can download your videos in HD quality, 1080p, 760p, 320p and even as low as 3gp.

In front of each video on the list, there is a “Download” button which can be clicked. By clicking this button, users can then choose your desired video quality and proceed with completing the download. Sometimes, users are not interested in video quality and may be in need of audio output for certain purposes. For instance, if when dealing with a music video, podcast or speech, users may be more interested in the download of the audio content. Users may decide to skip the download of the video and then just opt for an MP3 version of the video.

Users can easily download the vidmate 2011 from various links on the internet. It can not be downloaded from the Google Playstore and this is due to the privacy violation caused by it when downloading from other websites. Once you have downloaded the app to your device, it will be saved locally in the downloads folder. Navigate to the app in this folder, tap on it and install.

The installation of vidmate apk on certain android devices may be restricted. It enables the download, users are to go to their mobile setting and navigate to the security section. Depending on the type of phone in question, they can then enable the option “Allow from unknown sources”. This step is compulsory because by default these mobile phones allow its users to install the application from Google Play Store. And it considers other play stores or downloads links as “unknown sources”.

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